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Triptych Rising Tetrahedron Wings

Giclee Archival Art Print of 3 Rising Tetrahedron Wings 


Each print is 9.75" in width with varying height. Sold as a set of 3 prints. 


The tetrahedrons prints are part of the Solar Series series which are 3D vector drawings that began with carbon paper, pencil, paper, and a triangle stencil.


The concept being explored with the prints has multiple layers. Firstly, they are representing the empty form of a crystallized structure that is exploring the non-physical energetic circulations that begin in the heart, similar to the nadis of Ayurvedic Medicine and the meridians in Chinese medicine.


These wings symbolize the transition of becoming lighter, more free and yet more structured at same time. The nano and molecular structure that underlies much of the mineral realm is made of the platonic solid of the tetrahedron and so the wings mimic the mineral structure in an abstracted way.




Triptych Rising Tetrahedron Wings

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