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“CMR has an incredible life story to date, and being able to share it with others—in some really private moments, was a privilege. It is rare to get to see this deeply into the process of an artist."

Lisa Taranto, NY

Book a Talk

We heal ourselves with creativity. 

We are not victims when we are creating. 

Our power comes from creating.

Carrie Mae Rose is a public presenter with over 21 years experience.  She is an engaged and provocative speaker.

Rose offers a slideshow that can be custom tailored in length with the option of an animated, guided discussion afterwards. Rose can give a 5 minute Ignite Talk & Pechakucha style or a full Keynote speaker between 30-90 minutes in length.


ANGELS & ASTRONAUTS: Explore how we will survive as space emigrants.

WEARABLE WEAPONS: Do women feel safe enough to feel beautiful?

INDESTRUCTIBLE BEAUTY: Explore creativity as a spiritual practice.

AGAVE ART: How meditating with plants can bring inner transformation.


High Schools. Universities. Colleges. Women Empowerment Centers. Libraries. Art Salons. Conferences. Wellness Centers. Recovery Centers. Drug, Alcohol & Trauma Rehab Centers.


Rose is currently available to book art talks for interested audiences and institutions. Live in person or on Zoom. Sliding scale available for non-profits.

Please inquire for more information about scheduling and availability.  Please send any questions or inquires here.


date. 2023  NOVEMBER 2 - Watch *DIVINE ARMOR* Ligthning Talk Here

location. SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM 


date. 2023

location. Silver Sands, Prescott, AZ 

date. 2023

location. Urban High School, SF, CA  < ZOOM > 

Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 4.15.07 PM.png

date. 2021

location. (live video symposium) at Design Science Decade Salon with  


date. 2016

location. Parsons Y4 Labs NY, NY

date. 2016

location. Opening the Creative Body Course, Prescott College, Prescott, AZ 

date. 2015

location. California College of Arts, Oakland, CA 


date. 2014

location. Gallery 151, NYC 


date. 2014

location. “Artist Fuse with Technology,“ Silicon Harlem Panel, Harlem, NYC


date. 2014

location. LISA (Leaders in Software and Art) Monthly Salon, LED LAB, TriBeCa, NYC, NY

date. 2014

location. Women in Art and Technology event with Amelia Marzac at A.I.R.Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 3.55.50 PM.png

date. 2014

location. NYU POLY TECH MAGNET Lecture Hall Series, NYU, NY, NY


date. 2014

location. “Wearable Weapons” at Animamus Art Salon event held at Molasses Books, Brooklyn, NY


date. 2013

location. Interview from Makerbot at Eyebeam Art & Technology, NY, NY

date. 2013

location. Interview at Eyebeam Art & Technology, NY, NY

date. 2013 

location. The Very First Year  Eyebeam Art & Technology, NY, NY

date. 2013

location. MFA in Design & Technology Bootcamp, Parsons, NY, NY

date. 2013 

location. Keynote Speaker on Fashion & Science for STEM Day for Teens at Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum Complex, NY, NY

date. 2013

location. “Eyebeam Chats: Residents and Fellows in Conversation” a panel discussion about Bodies and Technology, Chelsea NY, NY

date. 2012

location. Microsoft Social Computing Symposium, held at NYU ITP Department, NY, NY

date. 2011

location. Time Warner Center Art for Business Volunteers for the Arts 


date. 2009

location.  IgniteNYC, Hudson Theater, NY, NY

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