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From 2012 - 2014 Carrie Mae Rose was Computational Fashion Fellow at Eyebeam in collaboration with scientist/battery expert Dr. Dan Steingart. The fellowship was funded by the Rockefeller Cultural Innovation Fund that bridged Silicon Alley in NYC and Garment District. This Fellowship included multiple presentations, exhibitions, workshops, and book launch.  Please watch the 3 minute video interview below. 

This body of work is dedicated to helping humans thrive in our transition from a terrestrial species to a solar species. Rose began developing techniques and tools to strengthen the physiological capacities and neurological systems of the body. Through her dedicated meditation practice with the Clairvision School, Rose believes that we need angelic help in this transition of human living in space.

The Bodycrown tetrahedron wing sculptures symbolize the transition of becoming lighter, more free and yet more structured at same time. The nano and molecular structure that underlies much of the mineral realm is made of the platonic solid of the tetrahedron and so the wings mimic the mineral structure in an abstracted way. 


The sculptures also represent the empty form of a crystallized structure that is exploring non-physical energetic circulations that begin in the heart, similar to the nadis of Ayurvedic Medicine and the meridians in Chinese medicine. These circulations around the human body and field are part of a subtle body system that Rudolf Steiner calls the Four Fold Model.

Rose's research is to help human physiology transition to living in the extreme environment of space stations and during space travel.

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