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Wearable Weapons 2.0 - Divine Armor and Garments of the Gods

This is a video I made for family and friends and I am sharing it here. I was recently  selected to present a PechaKucha lightning talk I named Divine Armor at SITE Santa Fe titled MYTH hosted by Creative Santa Fe in NM about the evolution of my art. After a few years of deep grief and change, I am finally getting excited about what's next. I am sharing here with you requesting support for Wearable Weapons 2.0: Divine Armor & Garments of the Gods.


The breastplate of scissors from this series caught the attention of MoMA in NYC in 2013 when they asked me if I would like to exhibit in their online exhibition titled: Design & Violence. But this series is not about violence at all. It's about feeling safe enough to feel beautiful. I believe this is the higher potential of what the #MeToo movement that started in 2017 seeded. Now, in 2023, it's not just about speaking truth to power, it's about the inherent right to express truth and beauty without fear. For me, it is the next evolution of Wearable Weapons, which now becomes Indestructible Beauty [see video above for my Divine Armor | Indestructible Beauty 'practice presentation' - 7 min 21 sec]


I am passionate about reaching people around the world to let them know about our Indestructible Beauty. Already, a student in Angola (Africa) has reached out to me with her inspirations from my work! It's happening!! Can you believe it? Will you help me continue shining my beauty?


This May I started working with an art mentor from SCORE (an org that fosters business mentorship) and she is supporting me in starting this first-ever grassroots fundraising campaign to promote this new iteration of my series. It would mean so much to me to have your support, whatever way you feel called. I welcome prayers, emails, calls, vintage lace from your family or the gift of a financial  donation.  There are so many options these days for financial gifting.


If you let me know you are interested, I'll also send out a monthly update to my inner circle of supporters to let them know how things are going.  I will still send out an intermittent newsletter but it will have less details and more of a broad overview and less intimate details of my creative process.

Please feel free to share this website page with any art interested people you know! Thank you for your ongoing support. It means the world to me. 🔥

Timeline - Nov  2023 to Nov  2024

Complete minimum of 14 sculptures for WW2.0 Series

     (25 in total with WW1.0 included)

Nov 1 - July 1

     3 Scissor Skirts with Razor Blade Lace (2 short, 1 long)

     5 Dresses of Light  (faraday - EMF protective - dress sculptures)

     2 Bodycrown Pods for meditation and rest 

     1 Dress of Fire - dress sculpture

     2 Bulletproof Corset sculptural prototypes

     1 helmet protective headgear 

Aug  2024

     Create a Catalog of new works + essays with the names of supporters, if they choose

 Aug/Sept 2024

    Drawings & Photographs for Giclee Art Prints of series 

Oct/Nov/Dec  2024

      Exhibition of new works in Fall 2024

Spending plan (9 months) - incubating a creative baby!!! 


$11,000  / 14 = $785 budget for each project materials


Homie Depot list, Amazon list, Adafruit  (electronics)

$9900  -  Live/ work Studio $1100  monthly


$1400  -  Catalog (printed softcover book) free copy for supporters


$300  -  Postcards for Promo 


$900  -  Website URLs 

$1500 - Hiring Physical Computing Assistance / Expertise  


$25,000 GOAL

Venmo @carriemaerose #8884

Zelle  [ 5 2 0   8 1 8   8 8 8 4 ] 

WW2.0_scissors and lace copy.png
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